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  1. 1. Create Your Profile

  2. 2. Plan Your Tour

  3. 3. Unlocking Regions

  4. 4. Navigation

  5. 5. Offline Tours - use komoot without internet and abroad

  6. About komoot

  7. Activate/deactivate voice navigation

  8. Add and remove Followers

  9. Adding photos to Tours

  10. Adjusting the map to your point of view

  11. Altitude Data

  12. Can I create a Highlight after my Tour

  13. Can I enter coordinates?

  14. Can I print my tour?

  15. Can I use komoot for free?

  16. Choosing another voice for navigation (Android)

  17. Create your Profile

  18. Creating Tour videos (Android App)

  19. Discover - Collections, Highlights and Tours

  20. Displaying Cycle Routes

  21. Edit your email-address, password and user name

  22. Editing or adding image captions

  23. Editing or removing Highlights

  24. GPS Problems

  25. GPX Export and Upload

  26. GPX Files - Problems and Answers

  27. GPX files and printed directions

  28. Highlights and Smart Tours

  29. How can I add a path to the komoot map?

  30. How can I save battery life?

  31. How to create Higlights

  32. How to Import GPS Files on Komoot.com and in the Apps

  33. How To Navigate Any Recorded Tour on Komoot

  34. How to redeem a voucher on komoot

  35. I can't access my regions / Complete Package

  36. I can't login

  37. I cannot plan across a path I want to use

  38. I forgot my password

  39. komoot App does not start / black screen (Galaxy S3 Mini a.o. devices)

  40. Komoot gift voucher

  41. Komoot on devices with older Android operating systems installed

  42. Komoot on devices with older iOS versions installed

  43. komoot on smartwatches / Bike computers

  44. Komoot Regions and the Complete Package

  45. Login Problems

  46. Managing Followers and Profile Visibility

  47. Managing the newsletter and notifications

  48. Map-Integration — Embed Tours & Maps into your Website

  49. Mark friends on completed Tours

  50. Missing Paths

  51. My email address has changed

  52. Navigation does not work on my iPad

  53. No regions in my area

  54. No voice navigation on Android

  55. Organizing Tours with Friends / Planning Tours Together

  56. Overview of available regions

  57. Placing waypoints at the end of the Tour

  58. Planned Tours vs Completed Tours

  59. Planning Tours on Komoot

  60. Planning Tours using POIs (Points of Interest)

  61. Planning Tours with Cycle Paths

  62. Planning via Cycle or Hiking Routes

  63. Planning-Links — Komoot URL Parameter

  64. Possible additional fees by your telephone provider

  65. Private Tours and public Tours

  66. Recording or navigation stops (Android devices)

  67. Samsung Gear S3 - Cannot find app

  68. SD Card is not recognized

  69. SD-card is not recognized

  70. Store For Offline Use - Downloading Tours

  71. Time in motion vs Total duration of Tour

  72. Tour not printed out completely

  73. Unlocking regions via Credit Card, PayPal and other types of payment

  74. Using komoot on a Garmin device

  75. Using komoot on Apple Watch

  76. Using komoot on the Samsung Gear

  77. Using popular hiking or cycling paths on komoot

  78. Using unlocked regions on a new phone

  79. Voice navigation during a tour via the app

  80. What are off-grid routes / segments?

  81. What's a good Highlight?

  82. Where can I find the Tour suggestions, Highlights and Collections?

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