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Editing or removing Highlights

Editing Highlights

You can remove Highlights from your Tours or edit them only via our website.

Access your Profile and your recommended Highlights, then click on the Highlight you wish to remove. You can then remove it via the button (on the right) "Remove from my Tours". It will not be deleted, however, even if you created the Highlight yourself. Why? Other users might have already marked the Highlight, or used it to plan their Tours with it. If the Highlight gets recommended by other users, we'll also be using it for creating Tour suggestions. That's why we can't just let you entirely delete it.

Suggesting an Edit

If you made a mistake when creating it, you can contact us via "Suggest an Edit". You can remove your photos or change the name yourself via our website (not in the app at the moment), the location or sports type can only be edited by our team.

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