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Organizing Tours with Friends / Planning Tours Together

Planning Tours with friends

Want to explore nature with friends? Not a problem. Just plan a Tour on Komoot, then invite your friends to join in, via our website or the app.


  • One Tour - one planning
  • The planned Tour will appear in your friends' profile, including all changes
  • You can exchange your thoughts via the comments and solve questions
  • Each of you has the planned Tour on their phones, which comes in handy especially in larger groups

Inviting friends and planning Tours

Come up with a Tour - bike ride, MTB Tour or hike, whichever you like. Are there any Highlights close by? Include them in your Tour, and check if there's parking available or a station nearby. Plan the Tour on kommt and invite your friends using the "Edit participants" feature.

You can:

  • Invite friends you follow on komoot
  • Invite friends via an email invitation
  • Generate an invitation link and post it on Facebook, forums, Whatsapp etc.
Once your friends have joined the Tour, you can swap thoughts via the comments.

Invite friends you follow on komoot

Enter a friend's name or scroll down the list of friends to invite friends you follow

Invite friends via email

Enter the email-address of a friend, colleague of family member - they will receive a mail with an invitation link. Gib die E-Mail-Adresse eines Freundes, Sportsgenossen oder Kollegen ein - er bekommt dann einen Einladungs-Link von uns geschickt.

Generate an invitation link

Generate an invitation link. You can send a mass mail including the link to all your friends, post it on Facebook and other social media, or share it in your chat groups such as Whatsapp, etc. Anyone who receives this link can join your Tour. 

Organize komoot Meetings

Want to invite a larger group of friends or don't have hiking friends at home? Then organize a komoot meeting. Plan a Tour, send us your suggestion and we will share it on our channels. You'll find all you need to know in our blog.

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