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Planning Tours with Cycle Paths

We always use the best possible routes for the sports type you have chosen.

If you use the sport "bike", more bike paths should be used automatically, whereas we try to use more roads when you use a "road bike" to plan, for instance.

You can switch the map display on our website to OpenCycleMap on the right-hand side of our website to see all existing bike paths if you wish to plan manually over them.

If you are under the impression that our current planning doesn’t give you the best possible route for the type of sport you have chosen, please send us an example. Only plan the part of the route you’re referring to, and send us both your intended routing and our suggested route planning via the form we created here:


That way, we can keep improving our route planning for all our routable sports bit by bit.

All about Tour characteristics and our difficulty levels can be found here: https://www.komoot.com/tour-characteristics

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