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Discover - Collections, Highlights and Tours

In the first tab of our app "Discover" (Star Icon), you can find our Collections, Highlights and suggested Tours. What's the difference?

Collections - Tours and Highlights hand-selected for you

In our collections, you can find tailor-made Tours and hand-picked Highlights by our team, and in cooperation with partners. Depending on your location or the town you enter in the search bar above, we'll show you what we currently have on offer for you. Here, you can find long-distance bike trails, the best MTB trails in a specific area, well known hiking trails planned in several legs as well as great places worth a visit, such as tree top walks in Germany or the best gorges in the Alps. Use our suggestions for your next trip or vacation.

Highlights - the best places to visit

Highlights are created by our users, and can either be segments (such as a great single trail for mountain bikers), or places, such as a great peak, a beautiful secluded beach etc. You can mark these Highlights yourself on the Tours you record with komoot. Save these Highlights, and use them in the app under "saved places" in the planning area, to plan your next Tour.

Tours - Smart Tour suggestions by komoot

The Tour suggestions we make here are based on Highlights popular in this area as well as recorded Tours. That's why you'll get suggestions tailor-made for you. We also take into account which komoot users made a specific Tour, so the most popular ones will always be displayed on the top. With the filters we provide here, you can choose Tours closer or further away from your current destination, look for Tours in a specific sports type or only display Tours you can reach with public transport.

There are no suggestions in my area

It's possible we may not always be able to suggest a Tour that matches your sport and selected location. In that case, there aren't enough Highlights and recorded Tours in your area yet - but the number will grow with the growing amount of recorded Tours and Highlights. So keep checking in - and add Highlights to your own recorded Tours!

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