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Planned Tours vs Completed Tours

Komoot lets you plan and record Tours. Each Tour you navigate, is automatically recorded. If you save the Tour, it will be saved in your Profile as "Completed Tour"

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Planned Tours vs Completed (Recorded) Tours

What's the difference between planned and completed Tours?

Planned Tours

Planned Tours can always be made available for offline usage and thus used with voice navigation without internet connection. You can edit them whenever you like, change the Tour line and download them again. The Planned Tour will not be changed if you use it for navigation. You can therefore reuse it any time, if you enjoyed it.

Completed Tours

When you navigate a Planned Tour, we start recording it as you ride or hike along and follow the navigation. Once you have reached your destination, you can save the recorded Tour as "Completed Tour." You can also record spontaneous hikes our bike rides, by opening the map view and press "Start Recording". Your Tour will then be recorded, and you can also save it as Completed Tour.

Completed Tours cannot be used with voice navigation or downloaded for offline usage. If you want to use your recorded Tour as a basis for your next trip, you first need to turn it into a Planned Tour on our website via the button "Plan Similar". The button can be found on our website in the details of every Tour.

Why is this necessary?

You can record Tours anywhere you have GPS access. That means, not just on a road marked in our database, but while you are on a boat, for instance, or walking across a meadow of field without a path. But we cannot navigate you in that case. That's why you first have to turn your recording into a planned Tour, so we can ensure we can actually lead you.

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