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About komoot

One Profile - Access To Everything

Create your Profile via our App or our website https://www.komoot.com/. No matter if you use your smartphone, your tablet or your PC, komoot will automatically synchronizes your Profile on all your devices. All you need to do is log into komoot with the same email-address and password. That way, you have access to all your data, your saved Tours and regions, even if you switch over to a new device.

Regions and Offline-Tours

Explore your first region for free and get started. By signing up on komoot, we give you one region for free. Here, you can use the following features:
  • Voice navigation
  • Download Offline-Tours and Maps
  • Unlimited map-updates 
  • Exporting your Tours to your GPS-device
In addition to that, you can also purchase region packages or our Complete Package.

All you need to know about regions is found here.

Planning Tours

Plan down to the last detail with at-your-fingertips info like surface, difficulty, distance and elevation profile. Where? Directly in our Apps or on our website with our handy 
Route planner. Touring bike, MTB Tour or hike: komoot always takes the selected sport into account and will calculate the best routes for your requirements and the selected difficulty.

All about planning Tours is found here.

Smarter Tours with Highlights

Tucked away trail? Hidden hotspot? You can find it all with komoot’s Highlights feature. Get recommendations on amazing spots and create your own suggestions for others. You can use all Highlights to plan your own Tours. Additionally, we offer you Smart Tour suggestions - tailor-made by komoot for your chosen sport and based on Tours recorded with komoot in that region.

All about Highlights and Smart Tours is found here.

Navigation of Tours

All in one handy app: topographic maps and turn-by-turn voice navigation to help you focus on the path ahead. Start your planned Tour in the app using the button "Let's Go!" and let us guide you to your destination. We also support several smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear or Android Wear watches.

All about the navigation is found here.

Your Recorded Tours

Your recorded Tours are saved with all data and the pictures you save on them in your Profile. Thus, you can revisit your favorite Tours whenever you like, enjoy your followers' comments and add new Highlights and photos.

The Outdoor App That’s Just A Tap Away

komoot website and apps
  • Offline maps for those times when the Internet isn’t your friend
  • Real-time navigation so you can focus on the adventure
  • Highlights that allow you to discover and recommend outdoor sights
  • Topographic maps for on-the-ground knowledge

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