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2. Plan Your Tour

Plan Your Tour

Plan your Tour and Let's Go! You can plan Tours directly in the App (click on the Arrow icon to get there), or on our website with our handy  Route planner. Touring bike, MTB, race bike or hiking: komoot always calculates the best route for your selected sport and will show you its difficulty. Plus, you can set your own fitness level, which will make the calculated time longer or shorter.

Planning Via Our Website

On your PC or laptop, you choose our Route planner (https://www.komoot.com/plan). You can enter the starting point and additional waypoints either via the left-hand side menu, or by making a right mouse-click on the map. Additionally, you can use the POIs (Points of Interest) you can see on the map to plan your Tour as well as the Highlights suggested by komoot users. These Highlights are marked by red icons on the map. As soon as you have placed your first waypoints, the track komoot calculates for you will appear, and you can adjust it if you wish to (via drag & drop or by adding/removing waypoints).

Planning Tours In Our App

Same as on our website, you enter your start and ending point in the planning interface, via coordinates, or by choosing them directly on the map. You can adjust your Tour by adding further waypoints or removing them. In the first tab of our app (Explore - Star Icon), we'll suggest you Highlights closest to your current location. You can bookmark these Highlights any time, and use them for planning as well. Please note: The Discover interface is currently not displayed in every country/region. Read more here.

Planned Your Tour? Let's Go!

Once you have planned your Tour, you can make if available for offline use, by downloading it including the offline maps you need. All you need to do is use the white toggle "Offline available" you will see in the detail view of each planned Tour. Once the Tour is downloaded (a black pin will appear next to it), it is usable offline, and you can get started!

Plan your Tour now!

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