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Login Problems

Login-Problems on our website

If you already created a komoot profile, either press the button "Sign up or Log in" on the top right or simply enter the email address you used for signing up in the login field you see in the middle of our login page. If you already have a Profile with this address, we will recognize this and allow you to enter your password. If you don't, you will be prompted to create a new profile.

Did you connect your Facebook account to your Profile? Then please always use the "Continue with Facebook" button.

You entered your user details correctly but still cannot connect?

Please make sure you really didn't make a typo. If you forgot your old password, you can get a new one under: www.komoot.com/login/password. Please enter the new password manually, to ensure there are no copy/pasting errors. 

Make sure you activated the reception of Cookies on our website

Make sure you allowed the use of Cookies on our website. If you didn't do this, the website will tell you: "Cookies are turned off, you need to turn them on to use your account." Please enable the Cookies on the browser you use. (Enabling Cookies on Firefox, Enabling Cookies on Internet Explorer, Enabling Cookies on Chrome)

Did you use the correct email address?

You may have made an error when entering your email-address during your signup process. To check, try a few versions. If you think you entered an incorrect email-address when signing up, and can therefore no longer access your profile, contact our team via account-help[a]komoot.com, and give us both addresses so we can look into this for you.

Do you use a Google email-address (gmail/googlemail)?

In this case please try the endings @gmail.com and @googlemail.com. It makes a difference to us, whether you used gmail or googlemail - our system will regard this as two different addresses.

Did you connect your account to Facebook?

Then please use the button "Continue with Facebook", to connect.

App Login-Problems

Make sure you use the button "Continue with Email" to log into an already existing profile. As on our website, we will recognize you if you already created a profile with this address, and enable you to enter your password next. You connected your account to Facebook? Please use the Facebook button then.

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