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You can no longer login? Please check the following

Login-Problems on https://www.komoot.de
You entered your user details correctly but still cannot connect? Please make sure you really didn't make a typo. If you forgot your old password, you can get a new one under: www.komoot.de/login/password. Please enter the new password manually, to ensure there are no copy/pasting errors.

Bitte gib das neue Passwort manuell ein, um sicherzustellen, dass es beim Kopieren zu keinem Fehler kommt.

Did you use the correct email address? 
You may have made an error when entering your email-address during your signup process. To check, try a few versions.

Do you use Gmail? 
In this case please try the endings 
@gmail.com and @googlemail.com.

Did you connect your account to Facebook?
Then please use the button Signup with Facebook, to connect.
Hast du dein Benutzerkonto mit Facebook verbunden? In dem Fall nimm bitte den Button Mit Facebook anmelden, um dich einzuloggen.

App Login-Problems
Please also make sure you entered the correct user data, or enter it manually again. You connected your account to Facebook? Please use the Facebook button then.

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