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Creating a Profile

In your Profile, you can manage tour planned and saved Tours and share them with your friends. Due to the automated syncing of app and website, your Tours, regions and profile settings are always kept up to date. All Profile settings can be edited under: www.komoot.com/account

Unlock free regions

By signing up on komoot, you will receive a free region of your choice, which you can unlock directly - in the app and on our website in the "Regions" area. On our website, use the site: https://www.komoot.com/product/regions. Sign up on our website or the app, and make sure to always sign in with the same profile, so we can automatically sync it.
  • Manage your profile everywhere
  • Your Tours, regions and profile settings are synced between app and website
  • Nothing is lost, even if you lose your mobile phone
  • You can use your profile on several devices

Connect to friends 

Share your Tours, remain updated on what your friends do and show which Tours you like. By logging in via Facebook, you can directly connect to you Facebook friends on komoot, and share your Tours on Facebook. It's you who decides which content you share and keep to yourself. You can look up our privacy settings under Privacy Settings.

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