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How can I save battery life?

There are several tricks to make your battery last as long as possible if you are on a long Tour:
  • The display uses a lot of energy, so use it as little as possible. The voice navigation will make sure you don't need to check the map.
  • Turn off Wifi*, so your mobile phone won't keep searching for it 
  • Turn of synchronizing services, so that your emails, contacts, etc. won't keep updating
  • Using your phone and listening to music eats up energy as well, as does using other apps in the meantime.
  • Depending on your phone you can deactivate mobile data, use only GSM or switch to flight mode* entirely, so that only your GPS remains activated
  • iOS: If you don't need internet, set Voice & Data from 3G to 2G (Settings -> Mobile -> Voice & Data). Especially in an area with very low reception, your phone might otherwise keep trying to connect and thus use up energy
A mobile charger can be used to recharge your battery several times depending on the charger, and thus make sure you have enough battery until you reach the next plug.

*(not recommended for iOS devices - Apple also uses Wifi to determine your location)

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