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Planning-Links — Komoot URL Parameter

With URL parameters you can utilize the power of komoot routing for your website or local business. Some basic use cases:

Get there by bike

Help your customers to get to your local business by bike. With a single click they get an individual bicycle tour they can print or directly sent to their mobile phone.

Example: Bicycle directions to “Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center” in San Francisco

Explanation: Starting point (p[0]=) stays empty because every user can set a starting point. Than the coordinates (p[1][loc]=37.768%2C-122.394) and the name (p[1][name]=Bakar%20Fitness%20Center) of the destination follow.

Discover hikes around your hotel

Show your guests the possibilities around your accommodation and let them explore trails and highlights in your area.

Example: Explore hikes around Hotel Kitzhof, Tirol, Austria

Explanation: As starting point the coordinates (p[0][loc]=47.448%2C12.385) and the name of the hotel (p[0][name]=Kitzhof) are attached. Additional the option 'roundtrip' (roundtrip=true) and the sport is selected (sport=hike).


All parameters are attached to the URL https://www.komoot.de/plan? and separated by '&'
  • Waypoints: You can submit several numbered waypoint including its coordinates (lat,lon) (p[0][loc]=52.470%2C13.520, p[1][loc]=47.56%2C10.68, ...)
  • Name: For each waypoint you can submit a optional name (p[0][name]=Kitzhof)
  • Sport — e.g. &sport=hike (hike, mountaineering, touringbicycle, mtb, racebike)
  • Roundtrip — &roundtrip=true

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