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How to create Higlights

Discover Nature’s Little Hideaways

Highlights offer the perfect opportunity to point out the best spots around. Highlights might include an interesting singletrack, a better-than-average alpine hut, or any other noteworthy sight. Create your own Highlights while out Touring and check out the Highlights of others! How so? We'll tell you right here.

Creating Highlights with your App

Before saving the tour, you will be asked if you want to add Highlights to it. Use the photos you made on your Tour, to add the Highlights easily, and give them descriptive titles and useful tipps.

Tap on your tour line where you want to add your Highlight. The photos you took are connected to the place on your tour where you took them, so it is easy for you to mark the correct spot on the map. Highlights can be marked as places or segments. This allows you to mark both a perfect spot, such as great view, a beautiful cathedral or an amazing rock ideal for bouldering as well as an especially beautiful stretch of way or an extremely flowy single trail.

Creating Highlights after a Tour

Want to add Highlights to your tour at your leisure, maybe after having spiced up your pics and come up with some cool descriptions? Not a problem. You can do that via both Apps as well as on komoot.com To add a Highlight on the App, choose a completed Tour, then use the Edit Button. Now proceed to add your Highlight as described above.To add a Highlight via our website, click on the Tour. Then use the Button "Add Highlight". If you already have Highlights on your Tour, the button will be called "Add another". Click on "Create New Highlight", then choose the point on the map you wish to mark. Bear in mind:
  1. Point out only the best spots from your Tour. To create a Highlight, simply click on the portion of your Tour that you’d like to point out.
  2. Choose whether your Highlight is a Place or a Segment. A Place might be an amazing waterfall, while a Segment might be a portion of the Tour like a trail.
  3. Make your Highlight special by giving it a descriptive name, and adding photos and an informative tip to inspire others to visit your creation.

Add Highlights to your Tours now!

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