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How to redeem a voucher on komoot

You received a voucher for a regions package on komoot or bought it yourself and don't know how to redeem it?  

Redeem a voucher code on our website

To redeem your code via the internet, log into the account in question. Access your settings via the arrow next to your name on the top right. Now click on "Redeem a voucher", and enter the code into the text box you will now see. You can also access this via https://www.komoot.com/account/voucher/

Redeem a voucher code via the Android app

To redeem the voucher, all you need is to go into the regions-area (globe icon) at the top right of komoot. On the bottom left you will see the button "VOUCHERS". Click on it to see the window in which you can enter your code. Your regions are now unlocked for an unlimited period of time.

If you have an iPhone, please redeem your voucher on our website.

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