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Missing Paths

Depending on the country or region, the density of available paths on our map may be higher or lower. In some areas, we have much more data in comparison to GoogleMaps, especially in the field of Outdoor sports, in some areas the density is still lower.

Among others, the komoot map data is based on OpenStreetMap, an open source wikipedia for trails. Anyone who feels like it, can sign up and add missing paths or Points of Interest (POIs) to the data base, which makes it increase bit by bit. The data will be added to our map on a regular basis and can ultimately also be used for planning tours.

Adding POIs and Paths to the komoot map

You are on a Tour and come across an inaccessible path? A path you wish to use for planning is not available in our map? You can report and correct these errors yourself. New entries will be available for routing on komoot in about 3 weeks at the moment.  To find out more about the project OpenStreetMap or participate yourself, go here: http://www.openstreetmap.org.

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