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5. Offline Tours - use komoot without internet and abroad

Fun abroad and everywhere with hassle-free offline-Tours

Get guided by hassle-free offline-Tours even if there is no internet connection. How? Easy: Plan your Tour, then select it under your "Planned" Tours in the app, and download the planned track including the maps you need to your mobile device. You will find the respective toggle "store for offline use" in the detail view of all your planned Tours in the app. Now you'll be sure to reach your destination even without internet.


Want to start a Tour even without planning ahead? No problem! A large number of the countries we offer in our Complete Package are available in the form of regions or region packages. Just search for a town in the region of your choice either in the regions area (globe icon) of our app or our website under https://www.komoot.com/product/regionsOffline maps will automatically be used in the matching region when there is no internet connection. You'll find all details on regions under Regions and Payment.

Feel like touring around the globe right away? Get our Complete Package!

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