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4. Navigation

You have planned your Tour, and now can let the App guide you by voice navigation. No more stopping and looking at the map! As we developed the voice navigation ourselves, it knows the tiniest tracks and trails!

You can use the voice navigation in your unlocked regions for every Tour you've planned with komoot. Let's go:
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation
  • our voice navigation is based on GPS and needs no network connection
  • the App tells you when you leave the planned Tour
  • directions guide you back to your planned Tour
  • possibility to customize or replan your Tour if you want to leave it
  • voice navigation saves battery
While navigating, the App records your Tour for you so that you don't just see the planned Tour but also Tour you actually made in your Profile with all the data to add to your personal statistics. 

Read more about recording your Tour.

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