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Can I download the Complete Package at one go?

The maps of the Complete package take up several terabyte and thus cannot be downloaded all at once. The same goes for individual countries such as Germany, France or Italy or for federal states such as Bavaria.

You can however download most of the available countries in the form of regions and/or as Tours. 

  • Log into the app using your email address used for the purchase
  • Tap on the globe icon in your komoot app.
  • If you use an Android phone, tap on the magnifying glass icon on the bottom right side. If you use an iOS phone, the search bar will appear at the top.
  • Now enter the name of the place you wish to visit. If it is a specific region you are looking for, enter the name of a town you know there - for instance "Palma" if you want to download the maps of Majorca. The available regions / region bundles will then be displayed, and you can download them.
Pro-tip: Instead of downloading entire regions you can also download maps for individual Tours. To use your planned Tours offline, select them in the komoot app and toggle the “Store For Offline Use” switch.
You'll find all details on our offline-maps here.

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