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Using popular hiking or cycling paths on komoot

How do I find Tours on popular hiking trails or cycle paths?

Our editors are continuously preparing tours via popular hiking or cycling paths. Among those are long distance cycle paths such as the Lake Constance Cycle Way, which takes you through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, long-distance hiking trails  such as the John Muir trail or the GR20 as well as Pilgrim Routes such as the Via Francigena. You can find these Collections on our Topic Pages.

Using GPS files to plan your Tours

In case a hiking trail or a cycling path you want to use is not yet listed here, you can search for preplanned Tours in the form of GPS files, which you can then import on komoot. You can upload GPX, FIT or TCX files in the komoot apps or via our website and use these for navigation in your app. Read all about how to import GPS files in the related FAQ entry.

Using recordings of other users as basis for your Tours

Many of our users already hiked or biked across popular trails. Enter the name of the path you are looking for and komoot into the Google search (such as "Via Francigena komoot") and you will find a list of the Tours other komoot users may have planned or recorded. You can also save copies of these Tours or planned routes and use those for navigation.

Planning Tours via long-distance cycle paths

On our website https://www.komoot.com/plan you can display the OpenCycleMap via the map layer button underneath the +/- icon on the right-hand side of the website. You'll see all known cycle routes and can manually plan across them. This map layers is only available on our website.

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