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How To Navigate Any Recorded Tour on Komoot

On komoot, you can now navigate any recorded Tour you come across. This could be one of your own previously recorded Tours, or a Tour of a friend or follower you come across in the news feed. No matter what the Tour or who recorded it, you can now instantly navigate it and experience it for yourself. 


On iOS devices, all you have to do is open the recorded Tour you’d like to navigate on your device and tap on the ‘Start Navigation’ button.


On Android devices, all you have to do is open the Tour you’d like to navigate on your device and tap on the ‘Navigation’ button.

Sticking to the Original Routes Versus Matching Route to Known Ways

As some routes that are recorded on komoot might go off-grid, i.e. take routes/ways that diverge from those known by komoot, you may be given the option to either ‘Stick to Original Route’ or to ‘Match Route to Known Ways’.

Choosing ‘Stick to Original Route’ will regenerate the route exactly as it was tracked. Sections that diverge from known ways will be planned as off-grid segments. As some stages of the Tour might be off-grid, komoot can’t guarantee that the entire route is passable and your navigation experience may suffer as a result.

Choosing ‘Match Route to Known Ways’ will replan the sections of your route that deviate from komoot’s network of known streets, roads or paths along the best alternative ways. This means that komoot will make as few changes as possible to your route to ensure it’s passable, thereby offering a more reliable navigation experience. 

Can you edit the Tour?

Yes. If you want to edit the Tour before navigating it, simple tap ‘Replan’ on iOS or ‘Android’. The route will then be completely editable in the planner. Once you’re in the planner, simply tap ‘Save’ to add it to your list of planned Tours, or ‘Start Navigation’ on iOS or ‘Navigation’ on Android to begin tracking it immediately. 

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