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How to Import GPS Files on Komoot.com and in the Apps

It’s now possible to import GPS files directly in the Android or iOS app, or by importing them on komoot.com.

Importing GPS Files in the iOS and Android Apps

To import a GPS file in the smartphone apps (iOS and Android), simply head to your profile and open either your completed or planned Tour list. In the top right hand corner on your screen, you’ll see the ‘Import’ button. Tap this to start the process.

You’ll then be prompted to import a GPS file directly from your phone’s storage, Google Drive or iCloud. Alternatively, you can also import your file file from Garmin Connect or from your Wahoo device.

To import a file, all you have to do is click on the first option and select the file you’d like to import.

To import an activity you recorded on your Garmin device, tap on “Import from Garmin Connect”. You’ll then land on the Garmin Connect screen. Tap the green ‘Connect’ button to proceed to Garmin and enter your Garmin account details. Your Garmin account will then be synced with your komoot account, and all activities that you record on your Garmin device will be automatically saved to your komoot profile.

To import from your Wahoo device, simply tap that option and follow the instructions on the subsequent landing page. 

Selecting Whether to Import the Tour as a Planned or Completed Tour on Android and iOS

After you import your file, you’ll be given the option to select whether to import it as a planned or completed Tour. Importing it as a planned Tour will allow you to save and edit it in the planner for tracking later, whereas importing it as a completed Tour will immediately add this activity to your list of completed Tours on your profile. Before saving your imported completed Tour, komoot will let you edit the date you completed it and to select the sport type.

Importing GPS files on Komoot.com

To import GPS files on komot.com, simply click on ‘Import’ in the menu. This will take you to the import page where you’ll be given the option to import your file as a planned or completed Tour.

Import your file as a planned Tour to edit, save and navigate it (using the Android or iOS app), or import it as a completed Tour to add it to your list of completed Tours.

Supported File Types

Komoot supports all GPX, FIT and TCX files.

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