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I cannot plan across a path I want to use

When you plan routes with komoot, the planning is optimized for the sports type you have selected.

If a path you want to use is not found or cannot be used with our route planning, there can be several reasons for that:
  • If the path does not appear, it might not be added in OpenStreetMap, the source of our routing data, yet. To find out how can add paths there and contribute to this great project, read here.
  • Another reason why the path does not appear is, that it is currently under construction. All roads, bridges, etc. that are under construction and completely blocked for usage, are not displayed. 
  • If the path exists, but cannot be used, it might not be usable for the sports type (for instance you might be able to use it by bike but not on foot), it might be a one-way-street, blocked for security reasons (danger of rocks falling in the mountains, for instance), or a private path. In rare cases, it can also be an error in OSM (a connection is missing, or the track is marked as not usable by error).  If you are familiar with OpenStreetMap, you can take a look there, and see why the path is not usable, and even make adjustments in case you find an error there.
Hint: Use the key combination CTRL (Apple: CMD) + ALT + click on the map with your left mouse button. This will open the OpenStreetMap view in a new tab, and you can see more details, and also make edits or report errors.

We recently introduced offgrid-routing. With that, you can also ignore our routing and use paths currently not usable.

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