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Recording or navigation stops (Android devices)

If your recording or navigation stops for no apparent reason, the cause might be the energy safe settings.

Android (starting at Android 6) optimizes every app's battery usage with the Battery Saver. It's important to set komoot as an exception to that rule. 

You can do that in the device's settings. Depending on your phone, you might be able to find it at a slightly different place. Usually it should be in the settings under battery -> power saving mode. Sometimes the settings are hidden in the action bar (the three dots at the top right). There should be a list of all apps that may be put to sleep by the system when running in the background. It's important to make sure komoot is excluded from that optimization, as it will otherwise be put to sleep by your system.

Also make sure you did not activate any further battery safe settings, as these can cause the GPS signal to be deactivated and thus the recording / navigation to be stopped.


  • Go into the settings
  • Choose battery
  • Open the point "Unmonitored apps" under "Power Saving mode". Add komoot there. It will never be put to sleep by the system then.

  • Read this guide for Nexus devices, and make sure to deactivate the battery safe mode, instead of activating it, as described here.


  • Go into the settings
  • Go to Power
  • Touch the slider to turn off the power save mode


  • Go into the settings
  • Open battery
  • Touch the slider to turn off the power save mode
Also make sure to add komoot to the protected apps that will not be deactivated when you turn off your screen.
  • Go to Settings from the Home screen
  • Tap "Advanced Settings"
  • Tap "Battery Manager"
  • Now, click on "Protected apps"

All apps you have on your device wil be listed. Next to each app, there is a switch.  Make sure you move the switch next to komoot. 

  • Does your HUAWEI device have a Multitasking Manager?  Make sure to lock komoot, so it won't be closed when you close several apps at once. (Tap the menu key, drag the app down and tap the lock) 

Other Android Smartphones / Tablets

Most other Android devices will have a similar energy save mode, found in the settings. Always make sure this is deactivated and komoot is allowed to run in the background.

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