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Using komoot on a Garmin device

Why is the komoot App not available for my Garmin device?

It is our aim to support as many of the most popular Garmin devices possible and all of the currently supported devices are listed on our App Store Page. Unfortunately, some Garmin devices don’t fulfill the technical requirements needed to download komoot routes to the device (e.g.: Vivoactive 3/HR, Fenix 3). If this should change, we will let you know!

In the meantime, you can of course download your komoot Tours as GPX files via our website and transfer them to your device that way. Read this article to find out how.

Can my Komoot Smartphone App upload routes directly to my Garmin Device / Does it need WIFI to do so?

The Garmin device needs to be connected to the internet via the komoot Garmin IQ App on your Smartphone to be able to download routes. The down- and upload only works in combination with the komoot Garmin IQ App.

Does my Garmin Device do voice navigation with the komoot App?

No. The komoot Garmin IQ App makes it easy to download komoot routes to your Garmin device. The navigation then is up to the technical capabilities of the Garmin device itself. Some Garmin devices can only display the line on the map and some as well show simple navigation instructions.

What about Suunto/Polar/etc.?

From our side this is already possible and we hope that more partners implement komoot integrations in the near future. Whenever we have any news regarding the support of new devices and technology, we will let you know.

My Garmin Device has built in WIFI. Why is the Garmin Connect Mobile App needed for syncing Routes?

At the moment IQ apps can only talk to the internet via the Garmin Mobile Connect App. If that will change in the future, we would also make use of the Garmin Device Wifi, when possible.

How many tours are downloaded to watches? As many as there are in your profile? Tracked and planned? Or….

The Komoot Garmin App shows a list of all planned Routes from your komoot User Profile. You can download them to the device with one click. Please note that we only show planned routes not recorded ones. You can use recorded Tours and plan a similar Route with one click on the komoot website. The Result can be saved in your planned Routes and used with the Garmin App. 

Please note: So you can navigate your komoot Tours on your Garmin device, you need to unlock the region your tours start in or our complete package. Each user that signs up on komoot will get one free region from us. If you need help to unlock it, please read this FAQ article.

I don’t have email and password for my komoot account since i’m connected to komoot via Facebook

We don’t support the Facebook Login with the komoot Garmin App.

This is how you can login anyway:

If you don’t have the password for your komoot account, you can set the password (and see the email address) on our website opened in a normal browser window. https://www.komoot.com/account (here you can also use the Facebook login to access the page)

Afterwards you can use this email and password to log into the Garmin App.

Step by step “How to setup the komoot Garmin app”

  1. Go to the Komoot App Store Page in the Garmin IQ App Store 
  2. Press the Download button
  3. Select your device and accept the requested permission. A message tells
  4. you that the app gets installed with the next synchronisation
  5. When you start the Garmin Connect Mobile App the synchronisation start automatically when your device is close by. You can verify the installation by selecting your device in the Garmin Connect Mobile App. 
  6. The Komoot app is now installed on your Garmin device! 
  7. When you launch the Komoot Garmin App on the Garmin device a push notification gets displayed on your smartphone that brings you back into the Garmin Connect Mobile App and opens a page where you can login with your komoot and garmin account data. (This will only happens once. Your login data is stored on the Garmin device after the first login)
  8. After finishing the login process, the list with your planned tours will load on your Garmin device.
  9. Since the access to the internet is happening by using the Garmin Connect Mobile App your Smartphone needs to be close to your Garmin device when using the Komoot Garmin app. Already downloaded Tours are available also without internet.
  10. Have fun!

How to delete downloaded Routes from my Garmin Device?

With our komoot app, we are using the interfaces Garmin offers us with their App plaftorm. We transfer files to the device and start them. Deleting files unfortunately is not part of these interfaces. To remove downloaded routes from your Garmin device, leave the komoot app and find the "Courses" folder in your Garmin device's menu. You can delete the Tours in that folder. Alternatively, you can connect your device via USB to your PC and delete them from the folder "Courses" via your PC's file manager.

Usually, Garmin devices come with a lot of storage, so it shouldn't be necessary to delete files that often.

Does the Edge / Fenix 5 offer turn-by-turn navigation if I use komoot routes?

At the moment, the Edge / Fenix 5 offers a full navigation only for routes created on the device itself. If you use external routes, such as the ones created on komoot, you will only see the line and can follow it. You can reach a full navigation, if you let the device recalculate the tour. You can do that in the route settings of your device. What happens then, is that the route receives the navigation info from your Garmin device. However, mind that it's possible that the course of the route might be adjusted a bit in this case.

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