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Using komoot on the Samsung Gear

Connect your Gear to your Samsung phone. The phone must be a Samsung device, otherwise you will not find the komoot extension in the Galaxy store.

Make sure your Gear is on, and open the app "Galaxy Apps" on your Samsung phone. Enter "komoot Gear" into the search, and install the extension when it is displayed. Open the extension app on your phone. It is called "Komoot Gear extension". Slide the toggle next to "Gear Connection"  to "On".

Now start a navigation or recording on your phone or in the app. Make sure the navigation instructions in the komoot app on your phone are set to "notifications". You can check that by tapping on the bell icon at the bottom of the map once you have started the tour. The turn-by-turn instructions and vibrations will then arrive on your Gear.

I don't have a Samsung phone and cannot find the Gear extension

Due to Samsung's system layout, our companion app is currently only usable in combination with Samsung devices. You can find more details in this table. 

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