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Managing Followers and Profile Visibility

1. Why can komoot users follow one another?

Komoot is a platform for sharing inspiration as much as it as platform for planning adventures in the great outdoors. Therefore, within the komoot eco-system you have the opportunity to follow other explorers and to let them follow you. You can then like other members’ planned/recorded Tours, see their routes, and browse their photos and Highlights.

2. What can my followers see?

When somebody follows you, they can access your history of public Tours. They can view your public Tour statistics, your routes, your photos and Highlights, and they can see whom you completed various Tours with. They will not see any Tours you mark as private (see question 9).

3. How am I found on komoot and how can I find others?

The most common way you will be found on komoot is via the search bar on the Find Friends page. Here, you can search for specific people on komoot using either usernames or email addresses.
In komoot, only usernames will be shown to other users—your actual name will never be made public (unless you use your actual name as/in your username).

4. Can I connect my Facebook account?

Yes. Another way you can search for people (and be found yourself) is via the Facebook connect function. If you signed up for komoot using Facebook or granted komoot the rights to access your Facebook friends list at a later point, komoot will show you which of your Facebook friends are already on komoot and present you with the option to follow them.

5. I don’t want to be found on komoot. Can I remove my profile from search results?

Yes. If you want to keep your profile hidden from search results, you can do so in your account settings. Hiding yourself from search results will mean that your profile won’t show up when other komoot users search for your username or email address. Your profile will still be visible in the community feed when you’re tagged in Tours, however; removing your profile from search results does not make your profile private.

6. What happens to my current followers if I remove my profile from search results?

Removing your profile from search results just means that you won’t be found via search. You won’t lose any of your current followers and they’ll still be able to see all of the information they could see before.

7. Can I remove followers I don’t want following me?

Yes. To do so, sign in to komoot.com using the browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone; this cannot be done in the Android or iOS app. Once you’ve logged in online, go to your profile page and click on Followers in the top right hand corner of your browser screen. You will then see the full list of your followers. Click on the "Remove Follower" under your followers' names to remove them.

8. Can I block individual users from accessing my profile?

At this time, you cannot block individual users from accessing your profile.

9. I want to be found via search results, but I don’t want all of my Tours to be visible on my profile. Can I make certain Tours private?

Yes. You can adjust the privacy settings of each Tour at any time. You’ll see this on the uploader page in the iOS and Android app: just tap the toggle to make your Tour private. You can also make any of your saved Tours private by enabling the Private Tour toggle in the browser and iOS version of komoot, or by disabling the Public Tour toggle in the Android app. More information about making Tours private can be found here.

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