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GPX Files - Problems and Answers

On our website, we enable you to upload your tracks recorded with other device. You can then save them as a recorded Tour in your profile. 

You can also upload preplanned Tours in the form of GPX files and save them as a planned Tour, to navigate with komoot. To find out more about GPX files, you can read this Wikipedia article.

Which GPS files can we upload?

The file should contain your track in the form of track points. This is a brief excerpt from a GPX file exported with komoot. As you can see it contains the track's name, the elevation  the trackpoints together with their geolocation (lat/lon), the elevation (<ele>) of your trackpoint as well as the time.
<name>Berlin-After-work lap - East</name>
<trkpt lat="52.52209502743597" lon="13.408738962863026">
It is important that your file consists of these trackpoints, so we can display your route.

We currently cannot import:

  • Files consisting of waypoints only (wpt)
  • Files consisting of more than one segment (<seg>) - in this case we will display only the first segment.
  • Files consisting of a number of places, without an actual track
If you have checked all of this and you are still not certain while your file won't upload, please send us the file itself, so we can look into the problem. Without the file we won't be able to assist. 

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