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Private Tours and public Tours

All the Tours you plan on komoot or record with the app are saved in your komoot Profile.

Whenever you plan, navigate or record a komoot Tour, you can decide whether you want it to remain private, or if you want your friends to see your Tours. Per default, all your Tours are saved as private Tours. Use the toggle "Public Tour" (Android)  "Private Tour" (iOS) or "Private" (komoot website), to change the status from private to public and vice versa.

All public Tours can be viewed by anyone on the internet in theory, but only your followers will get a notification (if they activated that feature) when you made a Tour. Of course you can change the status of your Tours whenever you like it, and make it visible later on, or private again.

Can I share Tours with only my friends?

Whenever you share a Tour with your friends, be it via social media or by sending them a link or by marking them as participants, it will be made public. There currently is no further setting, that allows you to share the Tour with only your friends. There is no list or search of user Tours on komoot however at them moment.

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