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Creating Tour videos (Android App)

Sometimes pictures say more than words ever could. Starting at version 9.2 of our Android app, you can now create videos of your outdoor experiences and share them with your friends, even if you Tour is set to "private". You need to have a phone with at least Android 6 for that.

Creating a tour story

Open one of your completed Tours in the Android app. At the top right, you will now see a new icon next to the share button: a movie camera. Tap on it, and komoot will start producing a video, with different background music depending on the sports type you chose. As soon as the video is rendered, you can share it - for instance via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, best using the hashtag #MyKomootStory.

Can I leave the app while the video is being rendered?

In most devices, you can leave any app via the Home button of your device, and thus move Komoot to the background. The video will still be rendered, and we will send you a notification once it's done. 

Does the Tour have to be public?

Not necessarily. You can share your video even if your Tour remains private. Your friends will only see the video, there's no link attached to your Tour.

Can I create vides of Tours I did not record?

You can only render videos of Tours you participated at. If a friend marks you as participant, the Tour is saved under your Completed Tours, and you can thus also create videos from it. Both you and your friend(s) will be displayed as participants in your video then. So don't forget to tag them when you share the Tour (only if they like that of course).

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