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Where can I find the Tour suggestions, Highlights and Collections?

Discover - Tours, Highlights, Collections

In the app as well as on our website, you will, if you are in the area Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein or signed up there, find the "Discover" interface (Star-Icon in the Android app), where we offer you tours, Highlights and Collections edited by our team. You can find more about this in the FAQ article Discover - Tours, Highlights, Collections.

Differences international Version and German language version (DACH)

We have split our website and our apps to an internationalized version, and a version tailored to the regions Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. English-speaking or international users can now use the website  https://www.komoot.com/, and German-speaking users can keep using our website https://www.komoot.de/.

Since we cannot yet offer an equal amount of high-quality suggestions for Tours or Highlights across the globe, we will deactivate that interface in the international version. There are exceptions, however, as we want to make sure users who for instance use the English version but live in Berlin, we take several factors into consideration: The signup country, the device's locale, the currently used IP-address and the activity in the past months. 

How to reactivate the "Discover" interface

If you want to reactivate the discover interface, go to the Settings area on our website: https://www.komoot.com/account. On the bottom right, you will find the entry "Enable Discover", which will reactivate that area both in the app and on our website. You can find the same switch in the app settings of course. (iOS/Android: Profile -> Settings (cogwheels icon) -> App settings -> Enable Discover)

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