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Samsung Gear S3 - Cannot find app

If you have a Samsung device, you can connect your Gear with komoot without a problem. All you need is the Samsung Gear app and the komoot gear extension.
  • Install the Gear app from the Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store
  • Start the Samsung Gear App on your phone and make sure Gear and phone are connected via bluetooth
  • Install the komoot extension from the Galaxy Store, open it, and turn the connection to "on"
  • Start the komoot app on your phone and either start one of the planned Tours on the Gear or the komoot app
  • You will see the turn-by-turn directions on your Gear and receive the vibration alerts as well

I don't have a Samsung phone and cannot find the Gear extension

Due to Samsung's system layout, our companion app is currently only usable in combination with Samsung devices. You can find more details in this table. 

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