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it would be very usefull to edit track info/data and/or redraw track on the map. Sometimes in fact it could happen that the GPS makes mistakes and this could have a great impact on the track on the map and on the summary info/statistics.


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Hi everyone,

as most of our users were asking for a means to remove accidentally recorded beginnings and endings of tours, we have now introduced our new tour “crop” feature.

If this does not cover your original ideas, please be so kind as to post a new suggestion, and you can then of course vote for it again.

And this is how you can crop a tour:

Click on the tour you wish to edit. Now click on “crop” on the right-hand side, below the tour map. You can now adjust the start/end point of your tour. All parts of the tour that are outside of the marked area (including pictures) will be removed after saving,

Enjoy editing your tours!

Best regards


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  • Sebastiano commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I found the "crop" function very helpful, however I think that it's possible to improve it making it able to crop parts in the middle of tour and not only at the start/end. Obviously it bears the question of how to replace these parts of tour, well I suggest to sobstitute them with a simple straight segment that connects the two ends. I know, this can be a drastic solution but, at the end, each user is free to do or not to do it...

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