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Make it easier to resume trips

Sometimes when I make a big break from riding the bike (for example go in a restaurant), I would close GPS and all other network connectivity to save battery. When I resume my trip, komoot has no idea what I was doing before and I have to start the trip manually.

I would suggest having, for example, in the main menu a new item "Resume last trip" when a trip/recording is put on pause. Also, you can show the current trip (which is paused) in the "My Komoot" section. Car navigation systems have this feature and it's very useful.

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This project has recently been completed: when you are stopping now, the android app will automatically be able to determine you are taking a break. Thus, your average speed will also be determined correctly.

And this is how it’s done:
As the GPS signal doesn’t always give away the position on the dot, the speed will never go down to 0. That’s why we developed an algorhythm that dynamically checks the average speed over a course of several seconds. If it falls under 0.25 meters per second (0.9 km/h), the system will automatically detect a break.

The app will then display the time in move and use it to calculate the exact average speed. Additionally, it is of course still possible to manually pause the tour. These breaks too will be taken into account when calculating the average speed.

A tip for experts:
If you’re interested in the total duration and the average speed including your breaks, you can find them on the tour page on www.komoot.de. All it takes is a click on the time to switch in between both values. In the app, we decided to do without this display, to keep the tour page and list as concisely as possible.

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  • jajcus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Komoot already is able to resume recorded trip after crash or phone reboot, but it forgets the planned tour we were following. This should be also restored.

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