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Include ferries in routes

When planning routes that include ferries (as marked on the map), the ferry should be included as part of the route.

What is happening right now is the route is calculated by road only, so there is a lot of back tracking to be done within the plan.

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Hi everyone

in general, we are using ferries on komoot.

Among others, we are using the data of Openstreetmap, a type of wikipedia for trails. Everyone can help and add missing paths to that data base, which makes the amount of entered paths and POIs increase bit by bit.

The data will be incorporated into our map on a regular basis and can ultimately also be used for planning tours (at the moment it takes about 1 weeks until the new data is available for route planning).

If the paths displayed on the komoot map cannot be used on our routing or in this case the ferry, it is possible they have either not been correctly connected to the adjoining streets, or you are not allowed to use them via the chosen sport.

To find out more about the project Openstreetmap or participate yourself, go here: http://www.openstreetmap.org. You can also check here, why the paths are not usable and correct possible mistakes.

Best regards


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