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Allow end points to be located based on UK post codes

I look for a location of a campsite or bed and breakfast - but am not able to look for the address of these - often the road is recognised and the first half of the post code but not the house number or the second half of the post code. With a long road this is frustrating and means looking the location up on Google maps and then trying to work out where it is back in Komoot. When planning on the fly when using a phone this is particularly painful. Recognition of house numbers or the full post code would be a huge help! Thanks Richard.

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Hi Everyone

we receive our data from OpenStreetMap. http://www.openstreetmap.org/ If you enter the places with all required data there, we can access it and use it for our planning from there.

This won’t happen automatically; we update the data here on a regular basis however.

Best regards


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