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please explain why new openstreetmap trails are shown but ignored by the app like here https://en.komoot.de/tour/7441791

Please explain why NEW or UPDATED Openstreetmap trails are displayed by Komoot but are ignored by Komoot like example here https://en.komoot.de/tour/7441791

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Hello and thanks a lot for your request,

before adding new routing data to komoot, we first verify it from our side. That’s why currently the map view is updated faster than the routing – meaning in some cases when a new trail is added you might not be able to use it for planning yet.

We update our routing regularly, at the moment every 3 weeks. So if the trail has only been added very recently, it will still take a little until we can use it for our routing.

By that quality control we want to ensure there are no errors in the new routing material.

Best regards


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